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Inverter of the PMSM

Inverter of the PMSM
Product Detailed

Input voltage range: 380v
Input frequency range: 47~63Hz
Output voltage range: 0~rated input voltage
Output frequency ran

Technology Features

Input & output vInput voltage range: 380V±15% vInput frequency range: 47~63Hz vOutput voltage range: 0~rated input voltage vOutput frequency range: 0~400Hz v


 I/O features

 Programmable digital input: Provide 6 terminals which can accept ON-OFF inputs and 4 inputs can be extended by I/O extension card.

Programmable analog input: AI1 can accept input of 0 ~10V, AI2 can accept input of 0~10V or 0~20mA.

 Programmable open collector output: Provide 1 output terminal, 1 output can be extended by I/O card.

 High speed pulse output: Provide 1 output terminal, it can be changed as open collector output or high speed pulse output by change the related functinonal code.


Relay output: Provide 2 output terminals, 1 output can be extended by I/O extension card. vAnalog output: 1output terminal, 0~20 mA or 0~10 V. another 1 can be extended by I/O extension card.



 Main control function

Control mode: Sensorless vector control (SVC), Vector control with PG (VC), V/F control.

Overload capacity: 60s with 150% of rated current, 10s with 180% of rated current.

Starting torque: 150% of rated torque at 0.5Hz (SVC); 180% of rated torque at 0Hz (VC).

Speed adjusting range: 1:100 (SVC); 1:1000 (VC)

Speed accuracy: ± 0.5% of maximum speed (SVC); ± 0.02% of maximum speed (VC) vCarrier frequency: 1.0 kHz~16.0 kHz



Frequency reference source: Digital input, analog input, serial communication,multi-step speed and self-adaption running according the changing of analog input.

Operating mode: Checking , emergency, decelerating. vElevator control logic: Internal contracting brake, contactor control.

Pre-torque compensation of starting moment without weighing sensor. (for the SIN / COS encoder) Starting pre-torque compensation with weighing sensor vIdentificate synchronous machine’s initial angle of magnetic pole in static (only for the SIN / COS Encoder)

DC braking at starting and stopping

PG Card: SIN/COS synchronous motor PG Card, UVW synchronous motor PG Card, HALL synchronous motor PG Card, Resolver synchronous motor PG Card, asynchronous motor PG Card. 

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR): Automatically keep the output voltage stable when input voltage fluctuating. vUp to 30 fault protections: Protect from over current, over voltage, under voltage, phase failure, over load, speeding etc.






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